10 Advantages To Using “The Sunflares Pack”

Advantage 1: Better Sunsets

A great advantage you get with The Sunflares Pack is you can create better, more powerful looking sunsets.

Below are two images that were taken at sunset, however we added the sunflares to them to increase the strength of the sunset – so they look bigger and more vibrant!


 Advantage 2: No More Dull Light

No longer do you have to settle for photographs with dull light, you can simply add a burst of natural looking sunshine to an image that has flat light that can look so much better  and exciting while still looking real.


 Advantage 3: Rainbow Flares

Adding rainbow flares is very easy with The Sunflares Pack. They can look amazing when applied to photographs that already have sunlight in them or photographs with natural brightness.

The photographs below are a prime example of what the effect looks like – the ideal place to position a rainbow flare is the bottom right/left corner of the image like we have done.



Advantage 4: Replacing Dark Areas with Sunshine

Another advantage to using The Sunflares Pack is replacing dark backdrops/areas with sunshine. This picture I took of our whippet lying down by the flower bed was pretty much “picture perfect” she looks great, composition is good etc but I wasn’t happy with the dark background in the right hand corner so I added a sunflare to it.


 Advantage 5: Golden Hour Effect

The golden hour effect can be achieved using the “The Multiply Effect” which is setting the blending layer(s) in Photoshop (or any other software program which allows you to add layers to an image, such as Gimp and others) to multiply.

“Multiply” is one of the darkening modes – so if you’re using any other program, set the layer to a darken mode if the word “Multiply” is not there.

Once you have done this, you may want to lower the opacity to make it less strong, this effect works very well for photographs with a white sky or photos which are looking quite dull and colourless.

The Sunflares for this type of effect are included in the Queen/King Pack with all sort of shapes and colours to keep things interesting!


 Advantage 6:  The “Peeking” Effect

Don’t you just love it when the sun peeks through the trees, behind a door or through a window? It’s pretty irresistible! This effect is easily achieved with The Sunflares Pack, along with all the previous effects mentioned so far.

Here are two pictures showing you what we mean by the “peeking” effect:



Advantage 7: Gorgeous Sunrays

To keep mixing up the effects, so the sunflares look unique, here is another thing you can do – daylight sunrays.


 Advantage 8: Bright Portraits


 Advantage 9: Beams of Sunshine



 Advantage 10: More “Feeling” In The Photographs

Not only do the the Sunflares improve the light in the photographs and make them look more beautiful, they also add a lot of atmosphere and feeling to each picture. You don’t have to wait for the perfect moment, with The Sunflares Pack you can take the moment and make it perfect.



How To Get The Sunflares Pack

The Sunflares Pack is easily available to get on our website, and you can start with our very popular “Starter” pack if you’re nervous about trying something new. You can always upgrade at any time without paying twice.

Click the link below to get it and to see before and afters:

1 Year 100% Satmoneyback-300x300isfaction Guarantee

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However to give you confidence in purchasing from us, we have a 100% Satisfaction or Money-Back-Guarantee which can be taken up with us in the first 12 months of your purchase.

So just like all of our products, The Sunflares Pack comes with a 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

For more information on this guarantee click here:

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