13 Rainbow Photographs with Before and Afters

Ever wondered how we get that incredible light in our photographs? Sometimes we even get magical rainbows?

Well rainbows flares can be naturally produced with the right lens…… but the right lens, can often cost thousands and even then it takes certain type of light to achieve this.

So… we’ve spent months putting together the equivalent – but totally controllable by you, and it won’t cost you £1,000+ to get the same effects.

So in this post I thought I would share some NEW before & after examples of these Rainbow Sunflares:

use the arrows on the left & right of the photos to click forward & backwards

Why We Love Them…

  • They make photographs look more exciting.
  • They look completely natural due to the way they were made.
  • They make the photographs look more colourful.
  • They create a deliciously, dreamy fairytale feel to the image.
And… lets not forget, they are rainbows, so…. what’s not to like!?

All the details of what’s inside The Rainbow Sunflares Package is available in the link below…

The Rainbow Sunflares Pack can be used in Photoshop, Photoshop Elements, Gimp, and any other program which allows you to edit layers on your photographs!

How To Get The Rainbow Sunflares Pack

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