15 Inspiring & Most Popular Winter Photographs

Every Winter I get so excited about the endless photo opportunities and the prospect of having snow and/or heavy frosts! Sadly this year we haven’t had any snow yet, but when I checked the forecast recently it said that snow is on its way – which is very exciting.

So, with that in mind – one of my favourite things to do is to plan my winter photographs – unlike in the summer, it’s usually very cold – so I try and plan everything I want to photograph beforehand, to make sure I spend as least time as possible in the freezing cold…

A great way to get my inspiration flowing is looking at some of my old/popular winter photographs – which I’m sharing with you today, so we can get inspired together!

Additionally – it’s always good to be prepared to process your winter photographs to brighten them up… Here are 3 winter lightroom presets we use to achieve a winter wonderland effect in our photographs:-

Winter Lightroom Preset

Blue Haze Lightroom Preset

Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset

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