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Top 3 Lightroom Presets for Horse Photography

When we are not busy taking photographs, writing ebooks, making lightroom presets etc.. we spend time training and bringing on our horses to a very high level.  

Although we don’t often sell horses, we recently sold two of ours, and then went and found two beautiful youngsters, they are both palomino (gold creamy colour) and are very photogenic! 

After a long drive there and back, they finally arrived here on Friday!

Their name are Ace of Heart (1yrs old) and Ace of Diamonds (2yrs old) 

I only have two weeks left of my 2nd 365 project and I am excited to have them both in this project!

Here is the photograph I chose of them for one of my 365 days:


Two Palomino Horses - Day 342/365

Ace of Hearts (front) Ace of Diamonds (behind)

I took this photograph just after 6PM, I knew the light would be soft and would create lovely bokeh through the trees (see top corner on the right).

A few people asked how I got the “pretty rainbow flare”, the answer is I got it by I shooting into the sun (but not directly otherwise the photograph would be too hazy) using the 85 1.2 lens. the rainbow has never appeared for me with an aperture narrower than 1.2

If you haven’t got a 1.2 lens, don’t worry! You can still get gorgeous flares with a 2.0/2.8 apeture which we show how to get in our Photography Tips eBook:


Here is a self-portrait I took with Ace of Diamonds, notice the diamond shape star on his face, isn’t he beautiful?

Ace of Diamonds

I got some lovely feedback on this photograph – saying they loved the colours etc, so I thought I would show you the before and after:-


Processed with Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset:-

I used this preset because it enhanced the colours so the photograph looks more ailve and exciting.

For more before and afters and examples of Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset, click the link below:-

Here are the rest of the photographs from this day…





Camera Kit:-


Canon EOS 5D Mark II

Canon EF 85mm f1.2 L II USM Lens

I hope you enjoyed this post! I processed all these photographs with our Best Selling Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset:


Top 3 Lightroom Presets for Horse Photography:


1. Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset

2. Winter Lightroom Preset

3. General Adjustments Lightroom Preset Pack




If you have any questions you can email us at 

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Mid September Processing – What Lightroom Preset to Use and Why

It’s been really hot this summer, so we have been taking lots of outdoor photographs.

We have taken lots of summery portraits, jumps, animal shots etc.

But as it’s been getting a lot colder and overcast we have been taking a lot more photographs inside and we are reminded of how good Indoor lightroom preset is, for inside photography.

The reason this preset is so good, is because it works on any type of indoor photograph. I. e. You can photograph anything from food & still life to portraits and animals.

Here is a photograph I took a few days ago using indoor lightroom preset

Working - Day 348/365

 Before Processing with Indoor Lightroom Preset:

I got a lot messages asking to see the before and after of this photograph.

So I have included it in this post for you to see.

Below is the “before” image without any processing:

See how tones of the photograph are quite flat and gray?

There is no finish to the photograph, it is like something is missing.

AFTER Processing with Indoor Lightroom Preset:

Now look at the “after” image…

Do you see how the photograph looks SO much more exciting?

Now compare this image to the “before” and spot the differnce the lightroom preset has made.

For more before and after check the indoor lightroom preset page:

 Photographs using Indoor Preset:-

Here are some more photographs that have been processed with Indoor Lightroom preset

Notice how it looks good on all types of photographs and different light:

Tea for One - Day 66/365

Release Day - Day 16/365

Cosy Workflow - Day 61/365

Girly Time - Day 154/365

A Cosy Afternoon - Day 65/365

Strawberry & Kiwi Drinks - Day 23/365

Raspberry and Vanilla Macaroons

Watermelon Hearts - Day 360/365

Cupcakes, Coffee and Peonies - Day 288/365

Coffee & Walnut Cake - Day 359/365

Fresh Apples

Red, Yellow and Green Pears - Day 238/365

Happy Whippet - Day 64/365

Pretty In Pink - Day 170/365

 Reviews for indoor Lightroom Preset Pack…

“This is a beautiful preset, it looks fabulous on my photographs and I love all the different versions, the tones and setting are exactly what I was looking for.” – Nicole, from the US


“I got this the instant you released it on your website it just looked so good on the images youshared and I am happy to say it looks GREAT on mine too! – Lisa, from the UK


“I L.OV.E this Lightroom Preset. It makes my pictures look so dreamy and perfect, I take a lot of photographs inside so when I found this preset I was so exciting” – Ed, from UK


“I’m a bit addicted to this preset… It’s amazing! I used to hate processing but now I can’t stop, it’s too much fun seeing the difference it makes to my photography. – Joy, from the UK

Get “Indoor Lightroom Preset” for YOUR photography today.



If you have any questions you can email us at 

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Lightroom Presets for Indoor Portraits

Whether you take indoor portraits when it’s raining outside or when the light is beautiful.

Processing plays a big part to whether the photographs turns out to be good or bad.

Some photographs can look “okay” before processing, some need a lot of fixing!

When it comes to processing indoor portraits these are my top 3 Indoor Portrait Presets for Lightroom:

1. Indoor Lightroom Preset

2. Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset Pack

3. Black and White Lightroom Preset Pack

To get an idea of each lightroom preset and what they do, take a look at the links above which include more details and before and afters to show you how our presets can transform your photography.

Pretty In Pink II

This portrait was processed using the Indoor Lightroom Preset, this preset corrects any warm/yellow tones and processes your photographs beautifully.

Below are 3 more examples of Indoor Lightroom Preset:

Christmas Party Time - Day 238/365

Ready to Party - Day 243/365


Now the 2nd Lightroom Preset for indoor portraits we use is Whipped Cream Lightroom Preset

This is our most popular Lightroom Preset – if you’re looking for an allround lightroom preset which also works on indoor portraits, THIS is for you. 

With the option of having 11 different versions in the Whipped Cream King Pack, it will literally complete your photograph. 

Relaxed Self-Portrait - Day 125/365

Girly Downtime (photo series inside)

Feeling Free - Day 63/365

When we don’t process in colour, we use our Black and White Lightroom Preset Pack 

Below are some examples using this Lightroom Preset, this Black and White Preset always adds such an elegant, classy finish to indoor portraits.

Relaxing After-party - Day 244/365

Girly Time

Smiling for you...

Check out the full range of our Lightroom Presets:


If you have any questions you can email us at 



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Lightroom Preset for Event Photography

With event photographs, there are often hundreds of photographs to process, so it’s improant to have lightroom presets to speed the process up.

But most importantly, to have a Lightroom Preset that works on all the different types of photographs taken at events, which involve different subjects, settings, places and lighting etc.

We recently processed 150+ event photographs in under 30 minutes.

They were all processed using the Brand NEW Natural Colours Lightroom Preset:

The Event Photographs

Here are a handful of photographs from the event I photographed…

Camera Kit:


Camera: EOS Canon 5D MarkII

Lenses: Canon EF 85mm f/1.2 and Canon 50mm f/1.8


The Processing


If you take Event photography or just want to process a small collection of photographs, Natural Colours Lightroom Preset works on a HUGE range of photographs.

Take a look at the before and after images to see what this Lightroom Preset can do.


Do You Have any Questions?


I hope you enjoyed this post if you have any questions about our Lightroom Presets you can just send us an email at

– Olivia Bell


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Photographs Processed Rainbow Lightroom Preset – Feature

Mariya from Kazakhstan has sent in her lovely photographs which are processed with Rainbow Lightroom Preset Pack

“I have been using Rainbow Lightroom Preset Pack for some time now and love them! So if you still have this “Get featured” theme going on, and want some examples, you can check out mine!”

You can see more of Mariya photography here: The below photographs are some of our favourites which we have picked to show you today.

Mariya from Kazakhstan – Photography Feature



Frozen strawberry


Rose watering


Autumn lavender


Mariya has been using Rainbow Lightroom Preset to process her photographs.

Rainbow Lightroom Preset is available as a single Lightroom Preset, or as a Deluxe Pack (which includes 9 Lightroom Presets)

This Lightroom Preset is designed to give your photograph a burst of colour. Think of a rainbow – lots of vibrant colours added to your photographs and It’s great for all year round photography as well.

Send YOUR Photos to us – Get Featured

Why not send YOUR photographs to us and get featured on our blog?

You can share your photography with us, and inspire thousands of photographers around the world.

Plus, we LOVE seeing how you use and work with our Lightroom Presets.

How to Get Featured:-

1. Email us at
2. Attach your photographs to the email

3. Send us your flickr or website etc and we will share your website!

4. Title the email “FEATURE MY PHOTOS” to make sure we see your email.


And thats it…. really simple, so get emailing!

Important: Only send in photographs that are processed with our Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions or if you have purchased one of our eBooks.

We can’t WAIT to see what you have to show you us.

– The Bell Sisters

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3 MORE Tips for Beautiful Bokeh

I really LOVE bokeh – particularly in portraits, it can pretty much make or break a portrait. 

As I take so many portraits, bokeh is important… knowing how to use it to flatter my model, and create a gorgeous photograph is key for me.

So here are 3 examples of how I’ve used bokeh recently. Give these tips a go, and see what you can do!

Tip 1 for Bokeh

Summer Feeling

Position your model in front of trees – preferably ones which have different coloured leaves.
Here I was bending down, and tilting my lens up, so the bokeh was behind her, instead of just the tree trunk.
When you do this, it’s important to help your model pose correctly, so you don’t cause her to look unattractive.
And don’t forget, use a WIDE aperture (low in number, like f/1.8, f/2.0, f/2.8 etc) to create nice bokeh like this.

Tip 2 for Bokeh

Going for Shelter

Although sun is lovely, you don’t actually NEED sun to make bokeh – just light coming through trees, or a space in dark areas will create it, so long as your subject is in front of it, and you use a wide aperture.
You may not get the seriously crazy bokeh like in the first photograph, but it’s still very much there.

Tip 3 for Bokeh


Buy a 50mm f/1.8 lens – they sometimes come with your DSLR as a kit lens, but if not, they are pretty cheap compared to many other lenses. 
When you use the 50mm with a wide aperture (f/1.8) and then photograph something in the foreground (portrait for example), the background gets a lot of bokeh.
I love the bokeh shape the 50mm f/1.8 creates – and it’s a cheap lens which has a wide aperture, so definitely something I would recommend adding to your wish list! 
So next time you go out with your DSLR, look for dark areas with bits of light, then put your model in front of the dark area, use a wide aperture and you’ll get this type of result!

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11 Things I Wish I Knew About Photography When I First Started

I am often asked what I wish I knew in the beginning when I first started photography, i. e. if I were to go back in time and tell myself what I know now, what would it be?

I couldn’t answer this straight away, I had to give it some time and after a lot of  thought I have come up with a list of the 11 Things I wish I knew About Photography When I Frist Started.

So here it is!

1. Use manual mode

Summer Slumber

Although it might seem harder to use Manual on your DSLR, it’s actually much easier being in control of your settings and by doing this you willl cut out a lot of the “bad photographs”, so don’t use anything but manual – it makes photography so much easier.


2. Delete bad photographs 

This might seem obvious, but you really must let go of bad photographs, don’t hold onto them, you will never need those bad photographs.

All that happens is, they take up space on your laptop so much so, that you have to have a big clear out. Which takes up a LOT of time and it won’t help you be a better photographer.


3. What to look for in a correctly exposed photograph.


In the beginning I found exposing my photographs correctly very difficult, as when I would look at the photographs on my camera, I would think they were exposed correctly, just to find that they were underexposed when I looked at them on my laptop.

I realised at the time I was looking at them fleetingly and therefore didn’t notice there was too many “blacks” in the photograph. Generally, they looked too dark! 

However, if your photographs are turning out to be overexposed then try to see if the “whites” in the photograph look blown out. Once you recegonise these signs then you can beign to fix them and start exposing your photographs correctly every time.

4. What settings to use to create beautiful photographs 

It’s vital to have the right settings on your camera so you can create beautiful, dreamy, unique photographs you will feel proud of.

In the beginning it can seem quite difficult to learn everything about your camera, as people make it so technicial… when it’s actually very simple if it’s explanined in “English”, rather than all this technicial jargon! That is why we have made easy to understand ebooks – we literally tell you what settings to use – when, why, and how. 

So you can improve and learn much faster.


5. Key points for good composition

Portrait in the Foxgloves - Day 274/365


I used to find it tricky knowing which was the “right” composition, I could never decide what was a good composition.

If the composition is bad, it can affect the whole photograph and part of making a photograph look beautiful is drawing the viewer into the photograph. i. e. good composition. So I had a lot of “trial and error”, learning to see what wasn’t good and correcting it next time I took photographs. 


6. Keep things short and sweet

I definitely wish I knew this when I first started photography, it’s so easy to drag each photoshoot out for too long and then feel deflated afterwards if I didn’t get the photograph I had in mind.

The best thing to do is to keep photoshoots “short and sweet” – try 20 minutes maximum, even if you don’t come back with the ideal shot, at least you won’t be exhausted, and then put off going out again. 

7. Start with a clear picture in your mind

Instead of going out with your camera and hoping you’re going to come back with some good photographs, you need to try and have a plan in mind BEFORE you go out. It doesn’t matter if the plan changes, but starting with a plan usually makes all the difference. 


8. How to process photographs

Girly Time - Day 154/365

I wish I could have known what ugly processing was and what good processing was… as now when I look back at my older photographs, I think “what was I thinking?!” I processed them with way too much vignette, blacks, desaturated, too dark etc… 

Each photograph was so different and I didn’t know how to process and flatter the colours in each photograph.

So if I could give you just 1 tip… I would say, use Lightroom Presets. These cut out the confusion, the time, and you’ll skip that ugly processing phase!

We have a range of different Lightroom Presets to suit your photographs and help YOU speed up your learning curve. 

9. Ignore The Critics

If you’re uploading photographs online, be prepared you may received bad feedback – this may come from friends, family or strangers. 

Whether they are right or not, it’s irrelevant. It’s important to realize that you are already trying to improve.

So bad feedback is actually not helpful, even if it appears to be, or is presented in a way as to be “helpful” – which is usually hardest form of criticism to ignore because of the way it is presented… 

But don’t be fooled by the “helpful” approach.

If you are receiving this feedback publicly, like on a Facebook page, then delete it. Don’t even question it.

Make it your policy to delete / hide the comment. 

There are many different ways to deal with bad feedback, such as ignoring it, answering, deleting etc, and I have done all of them. I have found the best method is deletion – as this leaves me to get on with my own goal, and continue to grow as a photographer.

If you spend time thinking about the criticism, and battling with it, you’re missing out on the time you could spend imporving yourself and your photography. 

10. How to know when you’ve got the photograph

I’ve had this feeling a lot of times, in the past I would never know if I had “the” photograph, I would keep asking myself; “have I got it?” or “should I keep taking more photographs?”

Jumping In the Summer

If I was to go and back and tell myself then, what I know now… I would tell myself that it doesn’t matter if you haven’t got it, I’m just learning. So what if it’s not perfect?

So don’t worry if you come back without an amazing photograph – you will get there. It is a process!

11. Less is more

When you photograph food or still life, don’t make it look too messy by overcrowding the photograph – often it’s best to keep the photograph a little on the simple side. 


Take the First Step

Heart Jump - Day 336/365

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The 1 Thing I Did to Get My Inspiration Back

One of my key tools for photography, is my inspiration… apart from my photography skills and DSLR techniques, what really makes me, me, is my inspiration.

What I see and how I photograph it… that’s all down to my elusive inspiration!

Having completed two 365 Project’s, I am now doing my third 365 Project (of which I am 120+ days in…) I know how important my inspiration is, and how vital it is to me to keep my inspiration flowing.

The ONE Incredible Tip for Inspiration

Tennis - Day 110/365

There are so many things I would recommend doing to get your inspiration back, and also how to keep your “inspiration flowing” – my list of ideas is endless.
However there’s one thing that has drastically helped me continue to keep going, keep creating photographs, and allowing ideas to flow freely.
The one important key is… to relax.
My really important tip is to relax, and not to take myself too seriously. Pressure is good, but overpressure, isn’t.

Escape from Gravity - Day 126/365

When you’re trying to get inspiration to flow, you can build up this intense amount of pressure and that alone totally kills it.
Have some fun, relax and take a deep breath. Don’t over think things, just do something. If it isn’t right, don’t worry about it. Have fun, giggle about it, and keep doing this… what will happen is, you will relax and out of NOWHERE your inspiration will hit you.
I’m sure if you’re reading this, it feels impossible. And this isn’t to say it’s easy, or that it comes straight off…. it may not. But it definitely will! Have a bit of fun with yourself. Relax and don’t take it so seriously.

Frosty Morning Training Horses - Day 127/365

This has seriously helped me and kept my inspiration alive through multiple projects and challenges I’ve stumbled upon along my way.

Additional Inspiration Tips

If you get inspiration – and I know you will – write your ideas down.

Take The Next Step to Inspiration & Photography Advice


Take the first step to becoming a better photographer, sign up to our most incredible free gift ever.

The value in this gift we are about to give you is worth £61 (that’s $98 USD), but you can get it for free today and immediately start improving!

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