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3 Things You Should Never Do With Your Photography


1. Never Forget to Import Photographs

Comfy - Day 111/364

If you don’t always import your photographs to your computer, it’s probably because you’re either not satisfied with them, you might be upset because they haven’t turned out how you planned, or you simply just forgot to import them.

Whatever the reason is, it’s something you should never not do, because you won’t always know if you have some “good” photographs on your camera, until you look at them on your computer close-up.

But even if you’re right, and you haven’t got anything that is worth saving, it’s important to look at them to figure out what didn’t look right, so you can improve next time.

In our HOW TO: 365 Photography Project eBook one of the many things we teach you is our Fast and EFFECTIVE Workflow Techniques, which will help you quickly filter through your photographs so importing and processing them doesn’t take up too much time.

2. Never Compare Yourself To Other Photographers


It can be very easy to compare yourself to other photographers and feel like your photography isn’t good enough – especially if you’re new to photography.

Never, ever do this because it won’t help you become a better photographer, in fact it will only make you feel deflated. Instead of comparing yourself and your work to others, get inspired by them!

Look at the photographs that you love and work out how you can implement those qualities and turn them into your own style… for example, if you love a photographers composition techniques, learn from them.

See what’s good about their composition and then you’ll be able to learn and improve further. Your photography will never end up looking the same, but sometimes looking at other photographers work can inspire you to find your own unique style.

This way you’re turning a negative feeling into a positive one, by learning from them instead of just comparing your work to others in a negative way.

3. Never Take Long Breaks

Union Jack Jump in the Rain

Another thing to avoid is taking long breaks with your photography. It’s important to keep it ticking along in order to continue learning and stay inspired, the longer you leave your camera in a cupboard untouched, the harder it will be to pick it up.

Some people don’t pick up their camera because they’re waiting for the perfect weather conditions… but you don’t need always need sun, or golden hour light to take beautiful photographs.

The second reason some people wait too long is because they’re waiting for inspiration. Do not wait for inspiration. Inspiration finds you working – the best way to get inspired is to start taking photographs, or create a list of ideas. I know from experience that this makes a huge, huge difference!

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7 Ways to Take Better Horse Photographs

Have you ever found it tricky photographing horses? They always look so beautiful to the eye, yet they can look quite odd in photographs if they’re not photographed correctly.

The question is… How do you make them look good in photographs? How should you frame them, what is too close and What is too far away?

In this blog post we are going to show you 7 ways to take better horses photographs, so lets begin!

1. Get the Horse to Look Interested

If you have taken photographs of horses before, you will know that having their ears forward is essential, they need to look interested. They don’t necessarily need to be looking at you, they can be looking just to the left or right of you.

The way to get their ears forward is to shake something in the air that rattles, then be quick to photograph them as the moment doesn’t always last for very long!

Palomino Horses

2. Get Perfect Focus

Getting the perfect focus can be easy when the horse(s) are standing still but when they are trotting or even cantering, it can be a bit challenging.

If you look at the photograph below of the horses moving, you’ll see the focus is great. In order to get perfect focus for moving horses, we use a fast shutter speed.

The faster the shutter speed, the less chance of any blurriness. And the faster the horses are moving, the faster the shutter speed will need to be.

 Ace of Diamonds and Hearts - Day 59/365

3. Equine Portraits

One of the great ways to photograph horses is close up, the key to doing it right is to photograph the horse on the angle.

Take a look at the photograph below – the angle is really good because it’s not too “head on”, the framing isn’t too close either.

Inquisitive Horse

4. Include Horses In Portraits

Make your horse photographs more exciting by photographing them with a model. It can take a bit of practice to get both the model and the horse to look good at the same time – so to begin with just try it with one horse, and then after some practice you can try two or more.

The goal is to have the horse(s) facing the model. You can try using a carrot or some treats if necessary, to keep them interested.

Two Chestnut Horses with Blazes - Day 265/365

6. Get Close Up

A great way to photograph horses is to take some close-ups of their ears, eyes or their muzzle.

A great time to take a close up of a horses muzzle is on a cold winters morning in order to catch their breath, or in the afternoon when their whiskers catch the sunlight.

7. Herd of Horses

Photographing a herd of horses really works too – by photographing more than one horse it adds more depth to the photograph and creates a different feeling. Go out and see if you can catch moments of them together, when they’re playing, sniffing each other or even just grazing together.

Sometimes photographing a herd can be quite easy too – as they’ll often set up the photograph for you! For example I was out with my camera taking photographs and suddenly the horses all lined up like this…

Herd of Horses

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The Bell Sisters’ ASOS Giveaway

ASOS Giveaway


A huge congratulations to the winners! To all the participants, watch this space for another giveaway coming your way soon!

1st Winner: Janice Sivyer

2nd Winner: Stephanie Vas

3rd Winner: Celine van der Berg

This Giveaway is Now Closed! Congratulations to all!

We’re celebrating the New Year by setting ourselves lots of new goals, whether with our photography, business, or life in general.

Now is the PERFECT time to kickstart your life, and start setting yourself some goals. So why not get inspired to do something fantastic with your own photography?

One of our goals is to do something to inspire you with your photography goals…

And we thought this ASOS Giveaway would do just that! ASOS is one of our main go-to stores for props and clothing for photo-shoots — just like the photo above.

So we thought a great way to inspire you with your photography is to do an exciting ASOS Giveaway!

Keep reading to find out what you could win and how to enter & what the prizes are…

The 3 Prizes Are:-

The first runner up is: £25 (value of $40 USD) ASOS Voucher

The second runner up is: £15 (value of $24 USD) ASOS Voucher

The third runner up is: £10 (value of $16 USD) ASOS Voucher

* BONUS PRIZE: Every Entrant Gets 17% OFF “The Bell Sisters”

Plus, as a bonus prize, every entrant (every person who enters to win) will automatically be emailed a special 17% discount code to use on The Bell Sisters website. Applicable to all & any products available for sale.

How It Works

All entries will be entered into a random hat, and we will randomly pull out 3 names!

Then we will post the 3 winners here on this page on January 31st 2014

** Plus ALL entrants will be emailed directly by ourselves with a unique 17% discount code for The Bell Sisters. **

– We are accepting entries from ALL countries. There are NO charges incurred by entering.

 How You Can Enter Today!

Entry deadline: January 30th  2013



Enter NOW to Win!

By entering into The Bell Sisters’ ASOS Giveaway you are signing up to hopefully win one of the 3 available prizes. On top of this you will also be given a 17% discount code to use on The Bell Sisters’ website. Enter to win today!

Step 1:-

Click the Facebook Share button below. A pop-up will appear for you to share on Facebook. Make sure you include this hashtag in your message:- #TheBellSistersASOSGIVEAWAY

* If you don’t see the pop-up, check your pop-up blocker isn’t blocking the Facebook share pop-up. *

STEP 2:- Now to complete your entry… fill in the form below

Fill in the form below and that’s it – you’re entered in to win!

  • Send us a message. All emails are read and we love hearing from you!


Winner announcement will be posted on January 31st on this page.

** Should any information be incomplete or missing, your entry will be void and not included into the raffle of names to win **

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