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NEW: Daily Inspiration Emails

We are very excited to share something new with you all… a special new free-service called “Daily Inspirational Emails” where we hope to inspire and motivate you with an email every morning with a quote & photograph (take a look at the image below…!)


We are constantly looking for inspiration, motivation and wise words from successful people… we very often find this in quotes, which give us huge inspiration when we’re needing a boost – or just to help us get into the right zone every morning.

To help inspire and motivate you, we have finally put this together! “Daily Inspirational Emails” is a free ‘service’ where, all you need to do is, sign up to receive emails, and we will email you every morning, with a beautiful photograph, and powerful quote to help you each day.

* Start your day feeling inspired with an email each morning filled with happiness and inspiration, delivered to your inbox daily, directly from our incredible repertoire of powerful and inspirational quotes.

Sign up for Your Daily Inspiration Email

Our Goal with “Daily Inspirational Emails”

Our Goal is to always try & help people be the best they can be.

Now with these Daily Inspirational Emails, we hope to inspire you with valuable, inspirational, motivational and insightful emails with a quote & photograph. Titled “Daily Inspiration” – we hope to help and inspire you every day to you reach your personal goals; whatever they may be.

Comments & Testimonials

“Part of my morning ritual is to go online and look at your newest photograph- no matter whats going on, your photographs and words and happy feelings make me happier and that follows me through the day… I can’t thank you enough for that extra happy feeling I get looking at the photos you create.” – Stephanie

“I’m so thanksful for finding your work- the photos make me smile and feel happier and the quotes you attach give me a sense of powerfulness and hope.” – Mika
“Every day I come and look at your photographs, and they make me just a little bit happier. Thank you for sharing your photographs with us all and making my day happier.” – Michelle
“Your quote photos have to be the most powerful and inspirational works I have found online. I view the gallery almost daily and cannot begin to say how much they have helped me, Thanks so much – yours Min” – Min
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23 Beautiful Autumn Photographs to Inspire You this Autumn

Autumn is a fabulous time to take photographs – if the weather holds out, it can be the most photogenic time of year, but it goes quickly and the colours turn before you blink.

It’s also easy to feel overwhelmed when there are so many different options – so here we have collected 23 Beautiful Autumn Photographs to Inspire You this Autumn.

Scroll down to see the photographs and start getting inspired!

Autumn Girl - Day 290/365

Autumn Leaves - Day 291/365

The Road to Autumn - Day 279/365

Autumn Road - Day 304/365

Autumn Sunset - Day 301/365

Sweet dreams... Day 313/365

Autumn Jumping

Autumn is Coming - Day 256/365

Japanese Acer Tree

The Yellow Avenue

Autumn Sunlight - Day 51/365

Autumn Cuddles - Day 31/365

Autumn Jumping - Day 100/365

End of the Day - Day 120/365

Frosty Morning Training Horses - Day 127/365

Autumn Jumping - Day 123/365

Capturing the Sky with Eyes - Day 212/365

I'm a Ninja for Autumn - #31 of #100

The Autumn Scene

Autumn Glow - Day 48/365

Daydreaming - Day 32/365

Autumn Colours - Day 52/365

Autumn Colours


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13 Rainbow Photographs with Before and Afters

Ever wondered how we get that incredible light in our photographs? Sometimes we even get magical rainbows?

Well rainbows flares can be naturally produced with the right lens…… but the right lens, can often cost thousands and even then it takes certain type of light to achieve this.

So… we’ve spent months putting together the equivalent – but totally controllable by you, and it won’t cost you £1,000+ to get the same effects.

So in this post I thought I would share some NEW before & after examples of these Rainbow Sunflares:

use the arrows on the left & right of the photos to click forward & backwards

Why We Love Them…

  • They make photographs look more exciting.
  • They look completely natural due to the way they were made.
  • They make the photographs look more colourful.
  • They create a deliciously, dreamy fairytale feel to the image.
And… lets not forget, they are rainbows, so…. what’s not to like!?

All the details of what’s inside The Rainbow Sunflares Package is available in the link below…

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