3 Great Ways To Use The Sunflares Pack

Since releasing The Sunflare Pack we have received some fabulous feedback and reviews along with a few questions asking us how best to use them on certain photographs

This blog post should help you see the many different ways you can use  The Sunflares Pack to create different effects that add more feeling and realistic depth and vibrancy to your images.

The aim of  The Sunflare Pack is to create realistic sunflare results, when there wasn’t any – or to enhance what was already there.

1. The Sunburst Effect

In the “after” image below I used a sunburst from The Sunflares Pack and then placed it in the light-gap to make it look realistic, I then added a rainbow flare in the bottom right hand corner.


Sunburst Example Two:

Here is a another example of placing a sunburst in a photograph where there is a gap of light.

If you compare this image to the one above you, then you will see I used a much stronger, more orange sunburst. Because every photograph is different, I like to make sure to try several sunflare variations until I find the sunflare that best suits that particular photograph.

I will sometimes add a big sunburst, then a golden globe on top of it afterwards to create the perfect effect.


 2. Create Rainbow Flares

Adding rainbow flares is very easy with The Sunflares Pack. They can look amazing when applied to photographs that already have sunlight in them or photographs with natural brightness.

Here are two examples to give you an idea of how they look and where they should be placed i.e. in the bottom corner where they would naturally appear if you got sun or lens flare from.




 3. Use “The Multiply Effect”

What we mean by “The Multiply Effect” is setting the blending layer(s) in Photoshop (or any other software program which allows you to add layers to an image, such as Gimp and others) to multiply.

“Multiply” is one of the darkening modes – so if you’re using any other program, set the layer to a darken mode if the word “Multiply” is not there. 

Once you have done this, you may want to lower the opacity to make it less strong, this effect works very well for photographs with a white sky or are looking quite dull and colourless.

The Sunflares for this type of effect are included in the Queen/King Pack with all sort of shapes and colours to keep things interesting!

sunflareimage4 sunflareimage5

How To Get The Sunflares Pack

The Sunflares Pack is easily available to get on our website, and you can start with our very popular “Starter” pack if you’re nervous about trying something new. You can always upgrade at any time without paying twice.

Click the link below to get it and to see MORE before and afters:

1 Year 100% Satmoneyback-300x300isfaction Guarantee

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However to give you confidence in purchasing from us, we have a 100% Satisfaction or Money-Back-Guarantee which can be taken up with us in the first 12 months of your purchase.

So just like all of our products, The Sunflares Pack comes with a 1 Year 100% Satisfaction Guarantee.

For more information on this guarantee click here:

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