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Photographs Processed Rainbow Lightroom Preset – Feature

Mariya from Kazakhstan has sent in her lovely photographs which are processed with Rainbow Lightroom Preset Pack

“I have been using Rainbow Lightroom Preset Pack for some time now and love them! So if you still have this “Get featured” theme going on, and want some examples, you can check out mine!”

You can see more of Mariya photography here: The below photographs are some of our favourites which we have picked to show you today.

Mariya from Kazakhstan – Photography Feature



Frozen strawberry


Rose watering


Autumn lavender


Mariya has been using Rainbow Lightroom Preset to process her photographs.

Rainbow Lightroom Preset is available as a single Lightroom Preset, or as a Deluxe Pack (which includes 9 Lightroom Presets)

This Lightroom Preset is designed to give your photograph a burst of colour. Think of a rainbow – lots of vibrant colours added to your photographs and It’s great for all year round photography as well.

Send YOUR Photos to us – Get Featured

Why not send YOUR photographs to us and get featured on our blog?

You can share your photography with us, and inspire thousands of photographers around the world.

Plus, we LOVE seeing how you use and work with our Lightroom Presets.

How to Get Featured:-

1. Email us at
2. Attach your photographs to the email

3. Send us your flickr or website etc and we will share your website!

4. Title the email “FEATURE MY PHOTOS” to make sure we see your email.


And thats it…. really simple, so get emailing!

Important: Only send in photographs that are processed with our Lightroom Presets, Photoshop Actions or if you have purchased one of our eBooks.

We can’t WAIT to see what you have to show you us.

– The Bell Sisters

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