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Question: “How can I look better in photos?”

We receive emails on a daily basis about all sorts of things – many of which are questions about photography and modelling.

Today we received this one which we thought we could share with you.

It’s a great question, and also quite a common one – we hope it will help you and answer some queries you may have.

The Question

“Whenever I have photographs taken of me, they always turn out to be very ugly. I know how I look in the mirror but what comes out in a photograph is the complete opposite!! Any suggestions on how I can look better in photos?”

Our Answer

This is funnily enough one of the most frustrating things we found ourselves in the beginning.

We remember years ago having photographs taken, getting really excited, waiting for the photographs to be ready so we could see them, and then… feeling really disappointed.

None of the photographs looked like “us” – it was usually because of bad posture, or because the eyes were sleepy or our smiles looked ridiculous!

Sunlight comes creeping in, illuminates our skin...

How To “Manipulate” the Camera

One absolutely basic thing you need to understand is that you have to manipulate the camera to make it, make you, look like YOU…

Read that line a few more times until you understand what we mean.

The funny thing about the camera is, technically it’s supposed to capture exactly what it is pointed at – however due to the 2D effect it has we have to manipulate the camera so we create a 3D effect and we look ‘normal’.

This may sound complicated but it really isn’t – once you know how to pose and position yourself in front of a camera, then you’ll see it’s actually very easy – when it’s explained to you properly…!

Smiling Eyes - Day 150/365

Modelling Tips

So, call it whatever you want, but essentially if you want to look better in photographs, and you’re standing in front of a camera, then you are modelling. This can obviously go to a more professional level, but it all starts somewhere.

Don’t think of modelling as the industry. Think of it just as positioning yourself in front of a camera and  working yourself in a way to bring out the most ‘you’ that you can.

To learn how to model as quickly as possible, then I suggest reading Modelling Tips for Models & Photographers.

You can read the reviews for it from other Models, Photographers and Magazine Editors. 

Modelling Tips for Models & Photographers is a digital PDF file which can be downloaded in just a matter of minutes once you complete the checkout process and you’ll be learning in just minutes from downloading! It also comes with a fabulous video which demonstrates how to pose in front of the camera. With a large range of poses from close ups, to body poses, and more!

Swing Portrait - Day 298/365

Once you’ve read Modelling Tips

Once you’ve read Modelling Tips eBook you’ll find it a lot easier to stand in front of the camera – you will find you’re more comfortable in front of the camera, particularly because you know what to do with your hands, eyes, face, body to make you look like ‘you’.

If you read the eBook and put the tips into practice, and then keep practising you will find modelling SO much easier. You will be comfortable and confident, just like I am when I do go in front of the camera.

You’ll also find, that if you see photos of yourself, and they’re no good, you will know what to correct instead of just hoping that something will happen!

Dreaming In The Bluebells - Day 55/260

No more “Lucky Shot”

No more ‘lucky shot’ – if you put Modelling Tips into practice you will have photograph, after photograph that you LOVE because you know what to do in front of a camera.

More importantly, you’ll have fun instead of feeling disappointed every time you have photographs taken!

Buy Modelling Tips for Models & Photographers today and start practising now.

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