DSLR Blueprint eBook


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“The Bell Sisters’ Reveal Their DSLR Blueprint”

Get the Nitty Gritty Techniques in this “easy to grasp” eBook. The complete inside scoop on how to achieve the same great results we get with your own DSLR.


This eBook is direct and straightforward, while covering complex techniques which can be poorly explained, with too much technical jargon.


 What makes this eBook DIFFERENT:-


Written with a simple goal – “easy to understand” and “easy to implement”, so you can QUICKLY improve your photography TODAY.


40+ Page eBook: The Bell Sisters’ DSLR Blueprint, your complete guide from beginner to professional — inside this eBook we cover:- 


  • Vital tips on what to Lens to Purchase 
  • What DSLR to purchase
  • How to purchase a top end DSLR, without masses of ££££££
  • The lenses we use and recommend you have
  • Additional equipment you need 
  • HOW to use your DSLR on Manual Mode
  • How to adjust your shutter speed
  • How to adjust your aperture
  • How to adjust your ISO
  • How to adjust your white balance
  • How to use MANUAL on your DSLR effortlessly to immediately produce stunning photographs straight after reading this eBook. 
  • How to take INDOOR photographs with your DSLR on Manual Mode
  • How to take OUTDOOR photographs with your DSLR on Manual Mode
  • What you need to know to take a beautiful, properly exposed photograph
  • What NOT to do with your DSLR on a daily basis.
  • How to quickly grasp the fundamental techniques to produce professional photographs. 

How this eBook will guarantee you DON’T fall into the trap of making all the typical mistakes:-


  • Move from ‘auto’, straight onto manual, EASILY.
  • Grasp the 4 key settings you need to use on your DSLR, to create a beautiful photograph right NOW.
  • Stop you from worrying about unnecessary DSLR settings.
  • Cut out all the confusing chatter on what you “should” be doing. 
  • Find out what to do, to get the most dramatic transformation with your photography.

PLUS extremely invaluable information on exposure, capturing photographs and how to take your photography from your current level, to professional, completely seemessly without the pain and frustration many photographers experience. 

DSLR Blueprint eBook


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