Mini Inspiration Guide eBook


“Inspiration at your Fingertips”

A kick-butt eBook on how to STOP feeling uninspired. How to Find ENDLESS Inspiration and get GREAT results IMMEDIATELY for small, to large photoshoots and general photography. Scroll down to find out more. 

The hottest no-inspiration-fighting guide, to give you a new outlook on photography, including countless ideas for stunning photography from the photographers who never seem to be lacking ideas… available in this beautifully illustrated, downloadable eBook.


Inside this “Kick Starter” eBook:

– A unique, inspiring list of 30 things to try, so you NEVER run out of ideas.

 – How to CONSTANTLY keep your inspiration flowing – understand how to never let yourself fall into those “uninspired slumps”, where it can take days, weeks and even months to get over it.

 – How to FOCUS your ideas, and turn them into stunning photographs. Stop getting overwhelmed. Stop your photography slumps.

– 10+ Inspirational Ideas in Photographs. Not only will we give you a list of ideas to try, and techniques we use to continually stay inspired, we also provide you with photographic examples for each idea, which you can go and try yourself!

 – A list of our favourite, inspirational quotes that have inspired a vast array of photographs. Start creating “wow-factor” photographs which provok feeling and thoughts time and time again.

 – This 19 Page eBook is straight to the point and extremely EFFECTIVE. Small, yet incredibly powerful – don’t underestimate the little guy! It will give you all the information you need, help you feel INSTANTLY inspired and give you ideas and tips which you can apply NOW and how to KEEP this inspiration well after reading this little kick-butt eBook.

Price: £30.99 – (that’s $50 USD)  


How to Purchase “Mini Inspiration Guide eBook”

This eBook is ONLY available to purchase in the following packs:-

– The Stater Pack

– The Best Sellers Lightroom Preset Pack

– The Best Sellers Photoshop Action Pack

– Photography Tips eBook