Modelling Tips eBook Reviews

Below are the reviews for Modelling Tips for Models and Photographers eBook.
This eBook has been reviewed by all types of readers, like:-

  • Models
  • Photographers
  • Magazine Editors
  • and anyone wanting simple tips for a better photograph of themselves.

Modelling Tips for Models & Photographers eBook Reviews


The Bell Sisters have done an amazing job with this book, good descriptive photographs, easy to follow instructions and achievable results.

A great book for the aspiring model or photographer!!”


– India Neckel, fashion and styling student.


“Sasha doesn’t just touch the tip of the iceberg in this book; she goes down deep below and talks through every step, every possibility and every outcome.

Her writing is so balanced, she gives the pros and cons of situations and takes the reader through the best, most effective process to achieve the best results.

Sasha has a wonderful sense of humour which really shines through to make the reader feel at ease even before they pick up their camera and try her tips.

The photo examples are beautiful through and through and incredibly inspirational. Sasha gives great advice for both being the model subject as well as having a model of your own, so you get the best of both in between the covers.

“Modelling Tips for Models & Photographers” is an exceptional book which I shall definitely treasure and refer to not only when I’m stuck but to fill me with the confidence I need when I want to attempt a self portrait of my own.

Absolutely stunning and something every photographer should have on their shelf.”


– Kitty Gallannaugh, photographer.


“When you’re taking photos of people, one of the hardest things is knowing how to ask them to pose. This is true whether you’re photographing someone else or taking self-portraits. It seems like a good idea to look through magazines to look for ideas, but let’s face it, the people you’re most likely to start off photographing are friends and relatives. They’re not models, they don’t know how to pose and they’re going to need your help. That’s where Sasha Bell’s eBook ‘Modelling Tips for Models & Photographers’ comes in.

She starts off by demonstrating six basic poses and then expands on this with plenty of useful advice, such as how to get powerful eyes, what do do with your hands, portraying emotion and some tips on what to wear. I like the fact that her tips all are based on personal experience as both photographer and model. Her message is that the photos may look effortless but there’s countless hours of practice behind them. Sasha already has an impressive modelling portfolio and you’ll see some of her best photos in this eBook.

There’s a section on posing for self-portraits, with some good advice on how to get the photos in focus (you’ll notice that most of her photos are taken with the lens set to a wide aperture).

A strong point of the book is that it’s illustrated throughout with plenty of photos showing Sasha in different poses, including some examples at the end comparing good poses against bad poses. Often the difference is small but it affects the impact of the portrait.

This is a really good eBook, and it’s nice to see someone as young as Sasha writing something so interesting and informative. There’s plenty of adults who wouldn’t show this much initiative by coming up with an idea and then putting the work in required to bring it to market. Well done Sahsa – I’m looking forward to seeing what else she comes up with in the future.”


– Andrew Gibson, photographer & Technical Editor of EOS Magazine. Visit Facebook or his website.


Modelling Tops for Models and Photographers was written simply and was very easy to understand. I’ve always had trouble instructing my models what to do because I wasn’t sure what was right, only what just looked good. But from this book I’ve learned great new and interesting tips to expand my photography, especially for portraits and even to start self-portraits!”


– Stephanie Lam, university student studying graphic design & photography

“I am not a photographer, nor am I a model, but the kinds of pictures that grab my attention are usually ones with good composition and a fantastic model.

After reading Modelling Tips for Models & Photographers, I was very much enlightened.

Sasha did a brilliant job in getting her points across her readers, rather than complicating it with wordy sentences of do’s and don’ts. I particularly enjoyed how she illustrated her points with photographs of herself, as it gives us a clear view on common mistakes models make.

She also took the time to give a little background details on some of her photographs, and how she worked everything to her advantage. I found this to be very helpful as we are given sort of an “all access pass” to read about the difficulties she faced in snapping a shot, and how she overcame it.

I feel that this book has opened my eyes a little more about modelling and photography as Sasha touches on many useful tips from every aspect that people should bear in mind when being photographed.

This book is definitely a page turner and I fully recommend this book to anyone who wants to take up photography, as good modelling is of vital importance in order to capture a great picture.”


– Desiree Ren


“I seriously have to congratulate the effort made in the content, it is fantastic and you really can learn a huge amount from her tips and the way she explains each picture!

The section I found the most useful was the Good vs Bad section – it’s not only useful because you can see how much a simple error such as slouching can affect a photograph, but also it’s very interesting to see the actual proof that we all make mistakes!

The way it’s written is very concise and understandable”


– Cat Lane, photographer.