Soft Afternoon Glow Aperture Preset

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Soft Afternoon Glow is the Aperture version of our #1 Lightroom Preset.

It is the perfect Apeture Preset for Spring, Summer, Autumn and Winter Photography.

It works on:-

  • Portraits
  • Still Life
  • Animal Portraits
  • Nature
  • Landscape


What this Aperture Preset Pack will do:-

  • It will add the icing to your cake – i.e. give your photographs that finishing touch.
  • It will give your flat colour photographs the punch they need.
  • It will create beautiful creamy, warm, airy photographs.


Soft Afternoon Glow Aperture Presets Versions

Soft Afternoon Aperture Preset is available as:-

  • Soft Afternoon Aperture Preset – this includes 1 Aperture Preset
  • Soft Afternoon Aperture Preset QUEEN Pack – this includes 3 Aperture Presets.
  • Soft Afternoon Aperture Preset  KING Pack – this includes 6 Aperture Presets.


The QUEEN Pack includes:-

A total of 3 Aperture Presets:

  • Soft Afternoon Glow – Sunshine
  • Soft Afternoon – Violet
  • Afternoon – Subtle Haze

The KING Pack includes:-

A total of 6 Aperture Presets and 1 Bonus eBook:-

  • Soft Afternoon – Sunshine
  • Soft Afternoon – Violet
  • Soft Afternoon – Golden
  • Afternoon – Subtle Haze
  • Afternoon – Pink Haze
  • Afternoon – Fresh Colour Pop

The King Pack also includes 1 Free Bonus eBook “A Mini Guide to Finding Inspiration”:-

PLUS: 1 FREE Bonus eBook!

PLUS with the Aperture KING Pack we are also including 1 FREE Bonus eBook.

Bonus eBook: A Mini Guide to Finding Inspiration (Value £30.99 – that’s $49 USD)  

A Mini Guide to Finding Inspiration eBook is one of our most sought after eBooks. 

But is only available to purchase in this package, or when you purchase Photography Tips eBook.

This eBook is DEDICATED to giving you inspiration, inspiration and inspiration. 

So you’ll never feel frustrated because you don’t know what to photograph.

Compatible with:-

This is compatible with Aperture only. It doesn’t work with Lightroom or Photoshop.

Buy Soft Afternoon Glow Aperture Preset

Soft Afternoon Glow Aperture Preset

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Single Preset (1 Preset), Queen Pack (5 Presets), King Pack (10 Presets), King Pack (6 Presets) + eBook


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